Geographic Information System:

Geographic Information System (GIS)

can be utilized by nearly any organization, public or private, to organize, sort, query, and present data. The GIS model provides data a physical location from which data can be accessed. For example, a water valve has an unique location (latitute, longitude) that is shown in the GIS model. By referencing the gate valve location, a user can access the data associated with particular gate valve. The presented data can be as simple as the size of the valve or as complex as listing of valve size, installation date, installer, and a photograph. The amount of data presented is a determined by the user during the data collection process.

  • Watershed Groups GIS can inventory site data, water samples, maintenance logs, treatment system characteristics, etc.
  • Gas Companies GIS can inventory data and features related to wells and transmission lines. Data such as: property owner address and contact information, well installation date, driller, production date, transmission line size and type, etc.
  • Municipalities GIS can inventory data and features of: potable water supply, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roadway improvements, etc.
  • Accessing the Data The GIS application can be accessed and managed by several methods. There is a free GIS viewer, ArcExplorer, provided by ESRI that can be used to view and perform simple data queries. ArcGIS Desktop provided by ESRI will provide the capability to edit the data, perform more complex queries, and utilize various data relationships.

Dietz-Gourley can develop an ArcExplorer compatible GIS application to the user and manage the data set. Or, a data set can be developed for ArcGIS Desktop and provided to the user. Please contact Dietz-Gourley Consulting, LLC to discuss your project in detail. A GIS model can be a beneficial method to organize and access a large quantity of data.

Mill Creek Coalition OM&R Plan: GIS

Dietz-Gourley Consulting, LLC, is currently developing a GIS application with the EADS Group to organize existing and future AMD treatment system data. The historic data, current water chemistry data, and other field parameters are to be used to develop a system wide Operation, Maintenance, and Replacement Plan (OM&R Plan). The GIS model will provide a spatial reference to link all data for specific treatment systems. Criteria will be developed for each passive treatment type as triggers for required maintenance activities and ultimate system replacement. The GIS model will display the current level of treatment system operation (good, fair, poor) graphically to facilitate data presentation.


Prior to joining Dietz-Gourley Consulting, LLC, Tim Gourley, P.E. was involved in various site/civil projects in Pennsylvania as an employee of a mid-size, multi-discipline engineering firm with several offices in western Pennsylvania.

Clarion Area Authority: Greenville Avenue & Fern/Penn Street Sanitary Sewer

Rehabilitation Project

The Clarion Area Authority replaced approximately 2000 LF of sanitary sewer within their collection system. Mr. Gourley developed the construction plans and contract documents for the project and assisted the Clarion Area Authority in selecting a qualified contractor. In addition, Mr. Gourley reviewed all progress payments and performed construction management services for the project.

Clarion Hospital Professional Building, Clarion Development Corporation

The Clarion Development Corporation initiated a fast-tracked project for the construction of an office building adjacent to the Clarion Hospital in Clarion, PA. Mr. Gourley assisted with and coordinated the subsurface exploration to identify the extents of surface coal mining within the project location. After an acceptable project site was located to situate the proposed building, Mr. Gourley completed the site design, E&S plan, and Clarion County Planning Commission approval. The project is currently under construction.

Land Development Plans

Mr. Gourley developed land development plans for several projects in and around Clarion County. The plans were for industrial sites and housing developments. As part of the design process, Mr. Gourley met with the client to understand the goals of the project and develop a feasible, engineering solution to meet the needs of the client and project. Client requests ranged from full site design plans to conceptual master plans for the project site.

Plan Reviews

Mr. Gourley reviewed and approved Stormwater Management Plans, Driveway Permit Applications, and Major Subdivision Applications for various municipalities. Upon approval, he was responsible for inspection of improvements to ensure compliance with municipal regulations.